Backupbuddy Lifetime Access Usually Costs $297.

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Your WordPress website needs a reliable backup strategy

Your WordPress website needs a reliable backup strategy using a trusted WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy. WordPress doesn’t include built-in backups, BackupBuddy was built in 2010 to meet the need for a solid WordPress backup solution.

Even your host backup may not be enough if you experience a server crash. Other WordPress security issues include hacks, malware, user error, deleted files and running bad commands. All of these things can completely wipe out your WordPress site forever. Having a current backup of your WordPress website is critical for protecting your website. BackupBuddy is here to help.

How It Is Possible To Get It So Cheap?

It is actually very simple. Developers already bought a developer license. It does not cost them to share the license, except the time installing it to your website. Just choose a developer/seller from the next page, be clever and save a lot of money!

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